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March 20, 2015


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The C17 example definitely gets the prize for the most unimpressed angel...


Love the description of the stained glass that's 'lost its way'. It's beautiful. It certainly doesn't look lost. Thanks for this mini stained glass tour. I remember seeing stained glass in Coventry cathedral & loving it.

Lisa G.

I never heard of painted glass. The woman on the pedestal looking in is very interesting - could be quite distracting to be sitting nearby. The beast's eyes are funny - they seem in a different style than the rest of that work - like they were done in a hurry. I agree with you about Jonah, but did you notice the length of his toes? Longer than the large toe.

Susan Krzywicki

I'm with you: once someone says that something is" not as good" as something else, I plump for the underdog.

Marcy Singer

I enjoy sharing your learning about stained glass in all its myriad forms. The next time I visit England I will be sure to make stained glass a priority, along with cake and tea and architecture and some of the lovely paintings you've talked about over the years. I love your sensibilities and all the color you bring to my screen. Thank you.

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