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Lisa G.

The boat of boys piqued my interest, but enlarging it and reading the inscription didn't enlighten me any. It just says it's from the French Revolution. Hmm. I love the last fellow, though - he's got a great face, and I like his casual pose, as you say. You're doing a great thing here, Jane, showing detail of all these beautiful, fascinating glasses. It's important.


I was intrigued by the boat, but I think it is a fountain. I googled 'Fons Misericordie' which is written by the fountain and it seems to mean 'fountain of pity' or something like that. Not sure that helps all that much unless all those boys are asking for our pity/God's pity for some reason?
You're right about the brain-ache!


I feel for the despairing gentleman atop his pillar x

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